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Mature content
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Essay of the Broken Man
I look around and see bright light
Blinding me it tears away at my skin
And so against it do I fight
But this fight I know I'll not win
Every day I grow worse
And I am driving myself insane
I'm rushing towards a hearse
Injecting myself with deep pain
I've convinced myself I'm broken
That there is no point in fixing me
It's time the night's awoken
From the scouring light I'll be free
I'm done with letting the good pass me bye
I'm done with saying that I can't cry.
Nothing inside of me is shattered
I'm not bound with unseen fetters
Look around at the beauty you see
No more running no more hiding
This is the night where you are finally free
For once, with hope, will I be trying
Let every day be an adventure
Even the tedium of daily life
But first you must start your true venture
Conquering first the scathing light
Learn to love the air you breathe
Learn to hunger for the things you want
Learn not to let despair seethe
Learn to chase away the past that haunts
Today you start trying
Today y
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My Storm
In my eyes a stirring flash
striking, streaking, with a crash
Branching out to split the night
ripping, zipping, through my sight
Though I thought this but an instant
I find this second oh so persistent
A drop of water hits my eye
Falling down from the blackened sky
Yet though I know this passion will end
I pray that once more you will rend
My darkness and shadows apart with light
Give me back something bright
But the rain is fading, the storm closes
The harsh sun will soon return
Granting life to tulips and roses
But to me it does only burn
Until she speaks to me again.
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The Black Rose
The rose that grew with petals of night
Knowing only despair
Believed itself a wretched sight
Unlike the others there
Each night it would make a wish
To be of color ruby
Why must only it on the bush
Be something truly ugly
People came and looked upon the flower
Their pity it didn't want
It wanted wilt and chose to cower
Only red worthy to flaunt
The florist sheared off the black rose
Finally freedom in death
The black one did not belong with those
That behind were left
A man was waiting flowers in hand
delicately arranged
These lucky ones from the land
needn't ever be changed
But placed in center of the bouquet
Petals of midnight shone
The black rose felt it may be okay
Loved and not alone
With this bouquet he won his love
Beauty bought and beauty won
The Black Rose's beauty ranked above
The common little red ones
Sometimes beauty isn't conventional
Ugly isn't strange
Sometimes different is truly beautiful
And it needn't change
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Snowbound Joy
Sinking, falling, slowly drifting
Flakes of beauty to the ground
Flitting, sticking, always shifting
From the wind all blown round
Quiet, silent, all so soundless
Here is where I find my peace
tranquil, still, all is slumbrous
As if the whole world is asleep
For as the snow touches grass
And dirt with ice is covered
Here I find joy at last
Now comes my season beloved
But when the ice turns to slush
And snow is gone no more to see
And the dirt turns to mush
Happy no more will I be
For now I've lost the joy I've found
When ice cold air stings my skin
When the snow was on the ground
I'd felt wonderful peace within
I'll miss the winter when it's gone
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Name that DE :icondiscipleofdante:DiscipleOfDante 0 6
Who am I?
I am desired
And I am truly fearsome
Rarely aquired
Some find me loathesome
Until they get to know me
Then I'm called awesome
You hunger for me
But with me there is no us
Still you lust for me
I'm the succubus
I'm the caller in the night
I'm the incubus
Given Lilith's might
You will kill for my favor
Your brothers you'll fight
Turn on your neighbor
Kill anyone that you love
I am your slaver
Yet I'm placed above
You're all victim to my croon
All my toys hereof
You hope for my boon
To claim my love your own
At my voice you swoon
But my gift's a loan
And my interest rate is high
This was always known
Breathe your lustful sigh
You've called me into your bed
With me you may lie
By my voice you're led
My song has stolen your heart
Might as well be dead
Lying is my art
And now you belong to me
I'll tear you apart
Who am I?
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Fairy Tales
She looks down on him
Waiting, hoping, and praying
He hears on the wind
A hushed voice saying
"Hear me, see me, speak to me"
"My ears are faking
And my eyes don't see
This girl above me floating
It just can not be!"
This he is thinking
But of this he's unaware
Away she's shrinking
Once they all could hear
As she beats her wings she cries
And once more she's scared
Never will his eyes
Show him true what waits for him
He sees only lies
Now the sun grows dim
Now she rests her head to sleep
To dream dreams so grim
For us they weep
But still we keep
Our minds shut tight
ignoring our sight
She wakes with the light
Watches him throughout the day
Still trying to fight
That this is the way
That he will always follow
And will always say
"This is what I know
These children's tales are all lies
There's no proof to show
Fairies in the skies
Or dragon's in the mountains
Don't believe your eyes"
His will always wins
And these words doom his son
To ignore the winds
And now she is gone
In a few, she ne
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Falling Flight
What is this feeling
Like I am falling upward
To the sky rushing
Huh, I'm breathing hard
This fall feels kind of like work
Or maybe I'm scared
This flight there's no words
To describe what I'm seeing
It's a whole new world
I see me being
hurled through the darkness and light
I think I'm leaving
Now comes something bright
My eyes feel like they're burning
Gone the feel of flight
Where am I, is it morning?
How strangely was I dreaming
What is was I can't remember
But it felt like it went forever
My family calls me for breakfast
My father attaching sails to masts
Inside a bottle, to a ship
My plate set down with a click
My father says "Just a minute"
He puts down his bottles ship
We eat and laugh and smile a little
Mother covers a small giggle
I decide to have some fun
I go outside to play and run
The neighbor girl is my first friend
She speaks a language I don't understand
We are playing hide-and-seek
I can't find her, where'd she sneak
When she falls from a tree
But I win she lands on m
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The Tale of the Lost Ones
Here a nameless grave
That I have stumbled upon
And behind the slate
Papers written on
I shall attach them to this
This story so long
"I find myself lost I fear
I know not have I came here
Lost now amongst the grass
I fear these words will be my last
When I came here I was not alone
Many new people have I known
Here with me came a woman
A boy, a girl, and one man
None of us knew how we arrived
Just that we all saw a flash of light
Then on this soil did we stand
Strangely enough hand-in-hand
All of our names, long forgotten
Like old enemies who now are rotten
Calling ourselves by appearance
Big or small, colors on our faces
I am Small Man who writes this note
So I'm not forgotten, this I hope
So read on, this dreadful tale
Or else, in this, I will have failed
At home I was, eating supper
With my wife, lovely Heather
The only names I've not forgotten
My Heather who resides in heaven
We've known each other all our lives
Born in the same place, at the same time
Raised by parents who were b
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The Dam Breaks
The water once flowed
That once swift, steady current
With no time to grow
Until it was spent
Waiting for the rain to fall
But you did cement
Those rocks up so tall
And now the water is trapped
Goes nowhere at all
But you left no scrap
Of room for it to escape
From your little trap
Won't evaporate
This special type of water
Now it is too late
The cracks grow larger
The dam will soon burst open
You should run harder
This race you won't win
The flow will crush you, fill you
Flooded from within
Just one path left true
You can smash the dam yourself
Let it cover you
Because if you really fear that flood
There is only one way to stop it
You must rely on the sun
Evaporate all of that
Chase away the rain clouds
Don't let them feed the river
Don't let rain hit the ground
Then it can't get bigger
The sun will dry it away
The river's flow will ebb
This is a brand new day
The current is dead
Don't hold back what is inside. If you never want to cry fight it at the source, use happiness to fight sa
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Sorry I have not been adding poems on here, I have been kind of busy and all, but I promise there will be some coming soon


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Hello I am a failure of a poet who enjoys writing my poems. If you don't like reading them TOUGH. I upload them for me and no one else. Now if you DO happen to enjoy them then please do share I am always happy to know someone else could enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them ^.^ I will upload any poems I have written as soon as I can after writing them.


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